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Sadaf Jalal

Sadaf Jalal has been dedicated to the air travel industry for over a decade. She has contributed to expansion projects around the globe, designing network architecture at Middle Eastern airports, contributing to security standard compliancy at European airports, and more recently focusing on new construction and modernization at airports in the US.

Sadaf holds a Masters Degree in Computer & Communications Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Queens University, Canada. Sadaf is a member of the ACC Terminal and Facility Committee and frequently represents SITA at events like IATA Wings of Change, IATA Air to Ground Operations and ACC conferences.

Latest blog posts

Why tech needs to be up front in airport construction plans

Published on  20 February 2020 05:47  by Sadaf Jalal

What new mindset will enable us to handle the 8.2 billion passengers forecast for 2037?

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