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Portfolio Director Baggage, SITA
Peter Drummond

Peter Drummond joined SITA in 2003, starting in his initial role as systems engineer and rising to Development Manager for BagManager. He has led the delivery of multiple baggage solutions to customers globally - including Hong Kong, Dublin, London Gatwick, and Singapore, to name a few.

More recently Peter has managed the WorldTracer baggage tracing and repatriation service and he now leads the SITA Baggage Portfolio.

Prior to SITA, Peter worked for a small IT start up in the Transport domain and the UN Environment Programme as an Oracle Database Developer.

He graduated with a Business Degree from Derby University and is based at SITA's Old Vinyl Factory office in Hayes, UK.

Latest blog posts

A big case for bag drop and bag tracking

Published on  09 January 2020 12:16  by Peter Drummond

Learn why investment in this area is seen as vital to making operations more efficient and improving passenger satisfaction.

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Trusted data will determine the future of baggage handling

Published on  23 October 2019 02:14  by Peter Drummond

The valuable data sets this technology provides will help shape the future of baggage services.

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Do tracking points improve baggage delivery?

Published on  18 July 2019 04:10  by Peter Drummond

The SITA 2019 Baggage IT Insights report highlights the fact that tracking baggage at two key points resulted in significant improvements.

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The route to end-to-end baggage tracking

Published on  16 May 2019 05:25  by Peter Drummond

Even though technology has drastically reduced mishandling, the reasons for it remain the same. Bag tracking promises a better future.

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Tracking improves passenger baggage delivery by 66%

Published on  25 April 2019 03:55  by Peter Drummond

This is one of the results of the newly launched Baggage IT Insights report, which clearly shows the success of bag tracking initiatives.

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RFID - a vital variable in the baggage equation?

Published on  07 March 2019 09:00  by Peter Drummond

On the face of it, taking a bag from a passenger at check-in and returning it to them at their destination seems like a very easy task. But think hard about it and there’s so much more going on behind the scenes.

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Rising to the resolution

Published on  24 January 2019 03:02  by Peter Drummond

A major focus area for SITA is enabling the air transport community to meet the requirements of IATA Resolution 753. So where are we one year on?

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The journey to baggage handling utopia

Published on  12 July 2018 03:00  by Peter Drummond

For well over a decade baggage mishandling figures have been falling – but with passenger numbers on the increase they’re now flat-lining, which means IATA Resolution 753 has come just at the right time.

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