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Director, SITA Lab
Gustavo Pina

Gus Pina is the Director of SITA Lab, the company’s strategic research and development arm. Created in 2008, SITA Lab explores new technology and drives innovations for the air transport community, working both independently and in partnership with others on pilot projects in the areas of robotics, big data, AI, wearable technology and many others.

With 25 years in the IT industry, Gus has always had a passion for transforming business processes with emerging technologies. Prior to SITA, Gus spearheaded key roles in digital transformations across FedEx, Delta Air Lines, and Macy's. During his 7 years at SITA, Gus was a Lead Engineer in the SITA Lab and Director of Enterprise Architecture.

Latest blog posts

Self-sovereign identity – giving control back to passengers

Published on  20 June 2019 01:00  by Gustavo Pina

We live in a digital world where secure digital identification is a necessity for so many things – not least travel and crossing borders. Is Self-Sovereign Identity the answer?

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Innovating with a community mindset

Published on  22 November 2018 08:15  by Gustavo Pina

To survive the steep growth forecasted in air transport, it’s critical that we collaborate as a community to embrace the new technologies that will revolutionize the way our industry works.

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Congratulations - it's digital twins!

Published on  13 September 2018 02:25  by Gustavo Pina

Digital Twins have the potential to be the universal interface to get the needed value out of information across all the stakeholders in the airport, in many different ways.

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