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Vice President
Catherine Mayer

Catherine is the primary liaison for SITA with airport industry organizations, ensuring SITA’s availability and support for committees, conferences and industry missions. She is an active participant in Airports Council International (ACI), including serving as Chairman of the ACI World Business Partners (WBP) Board and becoming the first non-airport member to be appointed as an observer to the ACI World Governing Board (2006/2011).

Catherine also served as the WBP observer on the ACI Europe Airport Board (2012/2018). Previously Catherine was responsible for developing and leading the Airport Services solution line including the financial results of the global business, strategy, product portfolio, implementation, customer satisfaction and improving the business to ensure SITA continues to meet the needs of the ever-changing air transport industry.

Catherine’s unique understanding, vast experience and worldwide contacts with both international and domestic airports and airlines are what enable her to contribute a unique perspective to SITA and to the aviation industry.

Latest blog posts

To innovate, we must collaborate

Published on  03 July 2019 05:19  by Catherine Mayer

Game-changing technology will enable machine-to-machine communications and machine-to-infrastructure communications, improving latency and enabling autonomy.

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B2 Everything and Everybody

Published on  29 March 2018 08:11  by Catherine Mayer

Another year, another Passenger Terminal Expo! It was an exhausting yet exhilarating three days. Our industry is embracing this digital world and my take away from the event is that airports will soon be B2 Everything and Everybody! It is an exciting time and makes me wonder where we will be in another year's time.

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Using IT to create a remarkable passenger experience

Published on  21 March 2017 09:03  by Catherine Mayer

The focus at this year’s PTE was how we can use technology to supplement the human touch in delivering real value to our passengers .

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Passenger terminal expo 2016 takeaways

Published on  25 March 2016 02:00  by Catherine Mayer

These sorts of events remind me just how dynamic our industry is and how far we have come integrating technology into travel processes to enhance customer service.   But they also show how much further we can go to make the journey truly smooth, effortless, and enjoyable.    

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Waves of the future: airports and the IoT

Published on  01 September 2015 10:00  by

To get the most out of the technology over the coming decades and properly respond to passengers’ changing demands, we should create an Air Transport Industry (ATI) Internet of Things. It will generate huge amounts of data from the systems deployed both airside and landside, on and off airport, to monitor and track assets, passengers, baggage, and aircraft.

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PTE 2013 - Leveraging technology to meet changing passenger demands

Published on  11 April 2013 01:26  by

Passengers are increasingly more in charge of their travel experience. What, when and how they buy, and at what price, is now in their domain. Airports, airlines and other sellers have to adapt.

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PTE 2013 - Customer expectations and converging trends

Published on  28 March 2013 07:55  by

Once again Passenger Terminal Expo has pulled together interesting topics at this year's event in Geneva, Switzerland, and I am excited to be presenting and leading a panel discussion about how the industry can leverage technology to meet evolving passenger demands.

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