Portfolio Manager - Airline Operations, Air Travel Solutions, SITA
Arnaud Brolly

Arnaud Brolly is Portfolio Manager - Airline Operations , Air Travel Solutions, SITA. He is a digital business leader with 15 years of experiences in IT Telecom, Technology, Media & Telecoms Industry.

Arnaud is recognized as a subject matter expert in Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. He has a track record of portfolio management, business development, consulting and sourcing for global corporations.

Latest blog posts

Blockchain & IoT: a dream team

Published on  11 October 2018 04:22  by Arnaud Brolly

The potent combination of these two technologies is triggering exciting new applications that will build trust, reduce costs, improve transparency and provide critical security.

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IoT offers the promise of smart cargo management

Published on  24 May 2018 05:29  by Arnaud Brolly

In a world where data and connectivity are leading the way, air cargo is about to be disrupted by new technologies capable of providing a higher level of service.

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Internet of Things: "Truly a game-changer"

Published on  03 April 2018 08:35  by Arnaud Brolly

In this first of three blogs I’ll be citing some use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) in air transport. At SITA we see a lot of really exciting potential.

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