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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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Let's face it! Biometric identity is going main stream...

Published on  14 September 2017 06:00  by Jim Peters

With Apple’s new iPhone X facial biometric identity verification system, we will see a lot more people using their face to validate who they are, but what does that mean for security at airports?

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Don't be complacent about cybersecurity

Published on  06 July 2017 03:00  by Michael Schellenberg

No industry or country in the world is immune from cyber attack. 

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What does your digital transformation look like?

Published on  09 June 2017 01:00  by Arthur Calderwood

Notes from the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit

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Congestion demands change

Published on  27 April 2017 11:00  by Nick Gates

Many airports suffer from not seeing the bigger picture and lose critical minutes trying to co-ordinate all stakeholders during peak periods and disruption. But it doesn’t have to be this way and rising passenger numbers and increased airport congestion demand change.

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Using IT to create a remarkable passenger experience

Published on  21 March 2017 10:03  by Catherine Mayer

The focus at this year’s PTE was how we can use technology to supplement the human touch in delivering real value to our passengers .

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Is it time to get a grip on disruption?

Published on  13 March 2017 06:33  by Nick Gates

Predicting the future is now more science than art, so is it time for airlines to get a grip on disruption?

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#BeBoldForChange @ SITA

Published on  07 March 2017 08:52  by Amber Harrison

We can’t change history, but we can, with bold actions, shape the future. Women everywhere, in all walks of life, are making history, and a new kind of future along with it.

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Published on  06 March 2017 04:09  by Nigel Pickford

It’s human curiosity and the need for reassurance which I believe has driven a major technological development in the air transport industry. We now have the power - the Future is Predictable and airlines and airports are investing in it.

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Which technologies will truly transform travel?

Published on  01 March 2017 07:37  by Matthys Serfontein

There are three key areas where I believe we will feel the immediate impact of technology at airports in 2017. These developments will truly transform travel in the years ahead.

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The benefits of RFID

Published on  23 February 2017 02:09  by Caroline Camilli-Gay

After a hiatus of more than a decade, the development and deployment of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track bags is once again well under way. This is a technology that both SITA and IATA strongly support.

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