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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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The best recovery plans are built on up-to-date technology

Published on  05 January 2018 01:26  by Rohit Bhatnagar

In our business, we must always improve. That means keeping IT infrastructure up to date. Outdated and unreliable underlying technologies are unlikely to be compatible with the concept of IT readiness.

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The kiosk: 20 years and counting

Published on  20 December 2017 02:32  by Rico Barandun

As we approach the end of SITA kiosk's 20th anniversary year, it’s exciting to think about what lies ahead as kiosks continue their rise in smoothing the flow of passengers, both on and off airport.

Far from retreating into the background, we’ve seen kiosks emerge out of the check-in domain and into the forefront of other airport activities.

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Where's the smart money going?

Published on  22 November 2017 03:23  by Ilya Gutlin

IATA’s latest 20-year air passenger forecast expects 7.8 billion passengers to travel in 2036, almost double the 4 billion passengers set to fly in 2017.

This is great news for airlines and airports and will deliver numerous benefits, but there are many challenges to overcome to realize this growth. How will air transport infrastructure meet this demand while still providing a secure journey and striving to improve the passenger experience?

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Location services top aviation agendas

Published on  02 November 2017 02:52  by Jack Loop

Based in San Francisco, LocusLabs provides a platform and the tools to make applications location aware. This year SITA made a strategic investment in LocusLabs, to support SITA's focus on common-use geo-location technology.  

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In search of that elusive 'single version of the truth'

Published on  12 October 2017 04:11  by Nick Gates

There’s a big demand to turn data into intelligence that's capable of furnishing a single version of the truth, in real-time or as near as we can make it.

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The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation at the University of Zimbabwe: a good hustle

Published on  03 October 2017 03:54  by Amber Harrison

Meet the students and learn more about our project at the University of Zimbabwe in our new video

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Let's face it! Biometric identity is going main stream...

Published on  14 September 2017 06:00  by Jim Peters

With Apple’s new iPhone X facial biometric identity verification system, we will see a lot more people using their face to validate who they are, but what does that mean for security at airports?

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Don't be complacent about cybersecurity

Published on  06 July 2017 03:00  by Michael Schellenberg

No industry or country in the world is immune from cyber attack. 

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What does your digital transformation look like?

Published on  09 June 2017 01:00  by Arthur Calderwood

Notes from the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit

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Congestion demands change

Published on  27 April 2017 11:00  by Nick Gates

Many airports suffer from not seeing the bigger picture and lose critical minutes trying to co-ordinate all stakeholders during peak periods and disruption. But it doesn’t have to be this way and rising passenger numbers and increased airport congestion demand change.

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