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Company culture: Does it really make a difference?

Published on  04 August 2020 02:20   by Astrid Warren

The outstanding efforts of our people during the pandemic are a result of a journey that we started in 2016.

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From launching new routes to remote operations control centers, digitalized operations tackle new challenges head-on

Published on  22 July 2020 07:26   by Igor Dimnik

Our Digital Day of Operations portfolio is ready and able to help airlines and operators address the industry challenges emerging from COVID-19.

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Returning to the skies: the next steps

Published on  20 July 2020 09:00   by Carlos Kaduoka and Lorenzo Belicchi

Airports across Europe are collaborating on the steps needed to bring about a return to the skies. Led by ACI Europe, the initiative has resulted in a range of guidelines for a safe and healthy passenger experience.

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10 ways APIs can revolutionize aviation post-Coronavirus

Published on  16 July 2020 02:51   by Jonathan Weinberg

What do you think? We'd like to hear your views on the future role of APIs.

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How does digitalization optimize airline operations?

Published on  15 July 2020 04:07   by Igor Dimnik

Gain the agility you need to address new challenges and demands post-COVID-19.

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The aircraft data insight that can drive your operation forward

Published on  09 July 2020 01:57   by Pierre-Yves Benain

How can we use the constant supply of rich aircraft data to drive digital optimization to support industry recovery?

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Taking the steps now towards mobile and low-touch air travel

Published on  07 July 2020 06:11   by Andrew O'Connor

How can we rethink operations and remodel processes to restore passenger trust and build the airport experience of the future?

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Technology will help protect ‘Travel Bubbles’ from popping

Published on  24 June 2020 05:22   by Jeremy Springall

Can this simple but elegant idea help combat the likelihood of COVID-19 resurgence?

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Agility, the key to navigating the path to recovery

Published on  23 June 2020 05:18   by Sébastien Fabre

Why the flexibility, adaptability and automation offered through digitalization will be central to airlines’ post-COVID-19 strategies

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Air transport technology: enabling the 'new normal'

Published on  18 May 2020 06:23   by Andrew O'Connor

How can we begin to forge the collaboration vital to create a leaner, safer and smarter air transport industry that rebuilds the trust and confidence of passengers?

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