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How can we create frictionless, secure, high capacity biometric borders?

Published on  19 September 2019 01:24  by Nesan Jegasothy

Biometric technology has come a long way, providing a far higher degree of certainty. Add to that the ability to use video feeds to verify passenger identities ‘on the move’ and imagine the potential.

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SITA's sustainability journey and the UN's global goals

Published on  16 September 2019 04:13  by Amber Harrison

The discussions focusing on inequality and climate change, and what needs to be done to achieve the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development, will be relevant to help refine SITA’s focus on sustainability.

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Air travel in China in the post-digital age: simple, fast, personal

Published on  12 September 2019 06:49  by Carlos Kaduoka

Of course, China’s tech savvy travelers will need a robust and advanced communications infrastructure. What will be at the core of this digital platform?

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Are you planning for the post digital passenger?

Published on  05 September 2019 02:00  by Matthys Serfontein

In a newly released paper, SITA’s research shows that new digital travelers want much more control of their journey. They have grown up with technology, mobile in particular, and fully expect it to manage every aspect of their lives.

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Fasten your seatbelts! AI is taking off in aviation

Published on  29 August 2019 01:15  by Jean-Paul Isson

The entire industry is poised to undergo unprecedented disruption.

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Busting the silos: the only way to positively disrupt air travel

Published on  22 August 2019 07:00  by Andrew O'Connor

It became only too clear to me that only by working ever more closely together can we increase efficiencies and redesign processes and practices across our industry.  

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We must work together to unlock data insights

Published on  15 August 2019 02:24  by Christoph Kleinsorg

Passengers expect their journey to be digitally-driven with information at their fingertips. What's the key to making real-time data readily available?

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Helping to transform education in Africa

Published on  12 August 2019 04:40  by Amber Harisson

It’s all about giving every child the opportunity to learn, while igniting their curiosity and appetite for education in subjects they find genuinely exciting and life-changing.

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Aviation's capacity crunch

Published on  08 August 2019 07:00  by Thomas Deillon

Will data or collaboration solve it?

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Why aviation needs to get the measure of blockchain

Published on  01 August 2019 02:00  by Barry McLaughlin

Every day, the 1 trillion or so connected devices in the world generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. The impact is phenomenal.

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