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Cybersecurity: We 'get' the risks, but we 'must do better'

Published on  06 December 2018 12:24  by Michael Schellenberg

Yes, Cybersecurity spend is on the up. Airports and airlines are allocating bigger budgets for the year ahead and planning a shift in emphasis.

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NDC for sellers: The other side of the coin

Published on  29 November 2018 12:35  by Pierre Guiol

There’s been a lot of buzz around New Distribution Capability (NDC). Much of that coverage, however, has focused on airlines. So how can travel sellers reap the benefits?

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Innovating with a community mindset

Published on  22 November 2018 08:15  by Gustavo Pina

To survive the steep growth forecasted in air transport, it’s critical that we collaborate as a community to embrace the new technologies that will revolutionize the way our industry works.

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UN World Children's Day, and narrowing the tech gap in Zambia

Published on  15 November 2018 08:00  by Amber Harrison

This year the world is going blue! We want to build a world where every child is in school, safe from harm and can fulfill their potential. The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation is playing its part.

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Biometric self-service - taking the next steps

Published on  08 November 2018 06:50  by Sherry Stein

Research shows that airlines and airports are increasingly investing in biometric solutions. What are the most important considerations for going ahead?

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Utilizing enhanced data for the EU’s new EES and ETIAS border control systems

Published on  01 November 2018 01:13  by Peter Sutcliffe

We are all used to dealing with countries wanting to protect their borders against external threats, but what about a multinational body? What does this mean for each EU member state?

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How will AI help us predict disruption in air travel?

Published on  25 October 2018 09:20  by Stephane Cheikh

Let me put it into perspective: delays could be costing the air transport industry as much as $25 billion a year. Artificial intelligence (AI) promises a new way forward.

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So, what’s the difference between ITIL and ISO 20000?

Published on  18 October 2018 09:00  by Steven McReynolds

At a very basic level the difference is simple. One is a best practice or guideline and the other is a standard. However, in practice, what does this mean?

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A Skilled GirlForce

Published on  16 October 2018 10:00  by Amber Harrison

October 11 was International Day of the Girl Child, this years theme is “With Her: A Skilled GirlForce” and it marks the beginning of a program designed to expand learning opportunities for girls.

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Blockchain & IoT: a dream team

Published on  11 October 2018 04:22  by Arnaud Brolly

The potent combination of these two technologies is triggering exciting new applications that will build trust, reduce costs, improve transparency and provide critical security.

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