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The aircraft data insight that can drive your operation forward

Published on  09 July 2020 01:57  by Pierre-Yves Benain

How can we use the constant supply of rich aircraft data to drive digital optimization to support industry recovery?

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Taking the steps now towards mobile and low-touch air travel

Published on  07 July 2020 06:11  by Andrew O'Connor

How can we rethink operations and remodel processes to restore passenger trust and build the airport experience of the future?

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Technology will help protect ‘Travel Bubbles’ from popping

Published on  24 June 2020 05:22  by Jeremy Springall

Can this simple but elegant idea help combat the likelihood of COVID-19 resurgence?

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Agility, the key to navigating the path to recovery

Published on  23 June 2020 05:18  by Sébastien Fabre

Why the flexibility, adaptability and automation offered through digitalization will be central to airlines’ post-COVID-19 strategies

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Air transport technology: enabling the 'new normal'

Published on  18 May 2020 06:23  by Andrew O'Connor

How can we begin to forge the collaboration vital to create a leaner, safer and smarter air transport industry that rebuilds the trust and confidence of passengers?

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Working through the pandemic: Rapid terminal consolidation at Manila International Airport

Published on  11 May 2020 01:30  by Rohit Bhatnagar

With an urgent mandate from the local airport authority, how could we do in 48 hours what would normally take weeks?

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Working through the pandemic: Border solutions deliver results in times of crisis

Published on  16 April 2020 03:00  by Ricardo Letosa

How could we dramatically shift the focus towards ensuring the safety and health of passengers by limiting the global spread of COVID-19?

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Working through the pandemic: bandwidth on demand

Published on  07 April 2020 04:08  by

SITA is adapting to support customers through the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how Carlos and team are meeting the need through delivering accelerated bandwidth upgrades.

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Working through the pandemic

Published on  02 April 2020 10:57  by Julie Bouvier

SITA is adapting to support customers through the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how Julie delivered a major airport implementation while working from home.

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Choosing the right platform is critical to tomorrow's seamless passenger experience

Published on  05 March 2020 05:26  by Gilles Bloch-Morhange

As the air transport industry plans for the next digital decade, how can we create a shared but secure ecosystem of information that can unite processes and operations?

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