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Choosing the right platform is critical to tomorrow's seamless passenger experience

Published on  05 March 2020 05:26  by Gilles Bloch-Morhange

As the air transport industry plans for the next digital decade, how can we create a shared but secure ecosystem of information that can unite processes and operations?

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The 4 pillars of digital transformation in air transport

Published on  27 February 2020 05:40  by Aditya Raina

Does your digital transformation initiative have these 4 recommended pillars to help define its boundaries for maximum value?

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Why tech needs to be up front in airport construction plans

Published on  20 February 2020 05:47  by Sadaf Jalal

What new mindset will enable us to handle the 8.2 billion passengers forecast for 2037?

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From Blockchain to Computer Vision

Published on  13 February 2020 10:30  by Adrien Sanglier

SITA's Open Day showcases innovations from across the organization, inspiring the next generation of innovators to create great things.

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Airlines want to turn digitization talk into action

Published on  30 January 2020 07:13  by Igor Dimnik

Are you struggling to develop a valuable business case for the digital transformation that you know is vital?

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A traveler-centric approach to new tech in the 'next digital decade'

Published on  23 January 2020 07:00  by Sherry Stein

Are we looking for use cases where exciting new technology will fit, or developing solutions that will meet the needs of the traveler?

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Airports of the future: 10 predictions for the next decade

Published on  16 January 2020 06:20  by Benoit Verbaere

Digitally native passengers and staff will usher in transformative technologies at an exponentially accelerated pace.

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A big case for bag drop and bag tracking

Published on  09 January 2020 12:16  by Peter Drummond

Learn why investment in this area is seen as vital to making operations more efficient and improving passenger satisfaction.

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It's imperative we understand biometrics in air travel

Published on  19 December 2019 10:45  by Andy Smith

Do you understand configuring biometric solutions for different thresholds to match different needs, demands and risks?

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China's air transport industry ramps up IT to tackle growth

Published on  12 December 2019 10:00  by May Zhou

Which technologies will lead the way in providing hyper-personalized service while meeting customer expectations?

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