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SITA will join celebrations at Curaçao International Airport’s Open Day and demonstrate some of the latest airport technologies that are transforming the passenger journey. The airport is inviting the public to celebrate the opening of its new terminal on Saturday, May 4th, when it will showcase all the new facilities and areas.

Ralph Blanchard, CEO, Curaçao Airport Partners, said: “For more than a decade SITA has been our trusted IT partner, providing Curaçao International Airport with a range of innovative technologies, including self-service kiosks, communications network management, flight information and multi-media displays. It is great that the SITA team is joining us at our Open Day and giving all our guests the chance to check out the technologies of the future.”

Joe Licitra, SITA Vice President, Southeast and Caribbean, said: “This is a great opportunity to showcase our new technology to all the people visiting the airport on what will be a very fun day. There will be fun aviation related activities, live music, a public runway run, entertainment for children and, of course, demonstrations of the technology that makes an airport work smoothly and efficiently.”

SITA, the air transport industry’s leading technology provider, will demonstrate Smart Path, which enables passengers to go through the entire airport without having to pull out their boarding pass and passport at every checkpoint. Already in use at some airports around the world, it uses digital biometric ID management technology to make the journey easier.

Also on display will be self-bag-drop technology, which speeds up the process of checking bags in for a flight. It also means airport staff can come out from behind desks to assist passengers and provide services where needed.

Lastly, SITA will demonstrate a new technology that visualizes everything going on at the airport, including aircraft movements, check-in and security queue lengths, escalator status, traffic patterns at passenger drop-off and even restroom satisfaction levels. This ‘digital twin” gives airport managers a complete picture of what has happened, what is happening and what will happen.  Typically displayed on a big screen, this can also be viewed in 3D virtual reality.

The airport is expecting more than a thousand members of the public to visit on the day, along with invited guests from other airports and partners in the region as it showcases its new look.