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Jet Airways uses SITA’s fares technology to stay ahead

Location: Indian Aviation ICT Forum, Goa
13 October 2015

SITA Airfare Insight provides Jet Airways with true competitive intelligence

Jet Airways has renewed its contract with SITA for Airfare Insight, the industry-leading fares management solution that provides competitive intelligence to enable the airline to control its pricing. As part of this agreement, Jet Airways is deploying the next generation of the software which is part of SITA’s Horizon® portfolio. It allows Jet Airways, one of India’s largest airlines, to stay ahead of the competition by making fast fare changes in response to market adjustments.

Airlines have typically compared fares with competing carriers using the base - ‘filed’ - fares, which often end up bearing little resemblance to the actual price paid by customers because they do not include taxes, fees and charges. Now, SITA Airfare Insight has a new ‘All in Fare’ option that automatically enables the airline to see and compare the price the customer pays, inclusive of those taxes, fees and charges. This unique analysis provides Jet Airways with a true view of the market from the passenger’s perspective.

Cramer Ball, CEO, Jet Airways, said: “Airfare Insight gives us complete knowledge of the context within which we are selling fares. It helps us in evaluating pricing based on our revenue management and sales strategy, enabling us to analyze and manage fares across multiple locations and time zones, and implement decisions much faster using fully automated distribution.

“We were the first carrier in India to use SITA’s Airfare Insight and it has proved to be an excellent tool. We expect its next generation will be even more effective.”

Hundreds of millions of fares are published worldwide at any one time. Many airlines update fares several times a day throughout their distribution network of GDSs, travel agencies and websites. Jet Airways and SITA, the world’s leading specialist in airline IT solutions, have worked together to configure Airfare Insight to suit Jet Airways’ specific requirements.

Maneesh Jaikrishna, SITA Vice President, India and Subcontinent, said: “Our fares management technology is truly tailored, intelligent and responsive. Airlines have to move fast and react quickly to ever-changing market conditions, in line with their own sales strategies. Airfare Insight enables Jet Airways to do just that. The airline can analyze the real fares being offered, both to make pricing decisions much faster and to automate distribution of the best fares in the right markets.”

SITA’s investment in its next generation Horizon portfolio is providing the tools that enable airlines to respond quickly to evolving market conditions. SITA Airfare Insight has been developed in partnership with world-leading airlines to provide best-in-class functionality. It is used by over 20 airlines across the globe to manage their fares including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Garuda, Philippines, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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