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With the Air Transport industry ready to get into drive mode again, SITA is introducing its first MEA Innovation Week

This forum will focus on providing attendees with insights and upskilling opportunities into the Air Transport and Technology industries. During the week, SITA and its partners will organize online webinars and workshops. This will provide attendees the opportunity to acquire knowledge from experts, as well as gain new insights on select topics and further build their skillsets.

It will be held for a 7-day period from June 27th to July 3rd and culminate with a 2-day virtual Hackathon. The Innovation Week will be hosted virtually and residents from across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey are welcome to attend.


The MEA Innovation Week will culminate with a 2 day Hackathon on 2 July - 3 July 2022


For this Hackathon, participants will form teams and work on creating prototypes that fall in one of the below categories:


Passenger Flow

During the journey at the airport and aircraft, passengers pass through multiple touchpoints. For this challenge, we would like to see how participants can help improve and enhance the passenger journey across these touchpoints.


Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

As a relatively closed network, the Air Transport industry has a plethora of data available to them. For this challenge, we would like to see how participants can use this data in ways that can positively impact passenger experience, business decisions and ultimately, the bottom line.


Touchless & Mobility

Travelers are increasingly becoming more accustomed to BYOD (Bring your own device) and touchless offerings where they’re in control of how and when they perform certain tasks. For this challenge, we would like to see which areas Hackathon participants believe require touchless/mobile technologies and how they can be applied through the travel journeys.


Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Traditionally, being a building that housed passengers at the start and end of their journeys, airports have now become their own small ecosystems. For this challenge, we would like to see how participants can help airport teams manage operations and their relationship with customers, to optimize systems and assist in generating more revenue.


Registrations for the Hackathon are now OPEN. You can register for it from Here.

Date & Time

Start: Monday 27 June 2022

End: Sunday 3 July 2022



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