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Zeta Loo is CHAMP Cargosystems’ Head of Commercial Operations APAC based in Singapore. With a business and engineering informatics educational background and 20 years’ extensive practical experience across the air cargo, information technology and telecommunications industries, Zeta is a passionate advocate of digitalization across the supply chain and constantly seeks ways to promote new technology concepts and initiatives across the mainstream air cargo business.

Zeta Loo 担任 CHAMP 货运系统公司亚太区商业运营总监,常驻新加坡。她拥有商业和工程信息学教育背景,并在航空货运、信息技术和电信行业拥有20年的广泛实践经验。Zeta积极倡导整个供应链的数字化,并竭力在主流的航空货运全业务领域中推广新技术概念和新举措。