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Yi Su is a veteran enterprise architect and an aviation technology evangelist. As a leading solution expert in SITA, Yi has established solid foundation in various solution lines and portfolios in the industry. He is currently leading international solution team and architecture team serving customers from more than 30 countries in APAC region. During COVID, he headed the APAC Innovation team to create innovative solutions together with our partners and customer. Yi is a constant speaker in various forum on different topics, with content covering Digital Travel, Efficiency and Security, Passenger Processing Innovation, Aviation Industry Trends, etc.

Yi Su是一位资深的企业架构师和航空技术布道者。 作为SITA领先的解决方案专家,Yi在行业内的各种解决方案系列和产品组合中有着深厚的业务基础。 他目前领导SITA国际方案团队和架构团队,为亚太地区 30 多个国家的客户提供方案服务。 他曾在新冠疫情期间领导SITA亚太区创新团队,与我们的合作伙伴和客户深度合作,共同创新解决方案。Yi也经常在各种专业论坛上发表不同主题的演讲,内容涵盖数字旅行身份、航空旅行效率与安全、创新旅客处理方案、以及航空业界技术发展趋势等等。