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Luby Duric is currently Director of Business Development for North Asia & Pacific in SITA, with responsibilities for the Business Development practice with focus on helping airlines & airports to deliver on their network and digital transformation strategy. He has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, specifically working in the air transport industry for over 20 years. He helped Network Transformation of most of the major airlines in Asia Pacific, led and managed consulting engagements to assess the digital transformation of key airport processes (passenger, baggage, and airport) including border management and airport security process carried out by multi-stakeholders (airport, airline, government agencies, ground handlers, and security providers), and the impact of technology on those processes. And also involved in system integration projects for greenfield airports.

Luby has previously been a Global Sales Director responsible for Voice & Convergence solutions as well as trunk radio and airport commercialization. Prior to that Luby was responsible for Sales Development & Solution design for India & South Asia specifically for the Communication services portfolio. He is currently based in Sydney.

Luby Duric 现任SITA北亚及太平洋地区业务发展总监,负责公司的业务发展,主要帮助航空公司和机场实现网络和数字化转型战略。Luby拥有IT行业30余年的工作经验,其中与航空运输业相关的经验超过20年。他帮助亚太区各主要航空公司进行网络转型,领导和管理咨询项目,评估关键机场流程(客运、行李和机场))的数字转型,包括由多方利益相关者(机场、航空公司、政府机构、地勤人员和安全提供商)运营的边境管理和机场安全流程,以及技术对这些流程的影响。Luby还参与了绿色机场的系统集成项目。