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Derek Quek, a seasoned Senior Project Manager and Technology Evangelist hailing from SITA Labs, spearheads groundbreaking projects in collaboration with airports and airlines across the APAC region. His recent initiatives encompass cutting-edge domains like digital identity, digital travel, AI and machine learning, as well as robotics for optimizing airline and airport operations. With over 26 years of experience in information technology operations, architecture, and innovation, Derek has made significant contributions in both Multinational Corporations, Government sectors, and ATI.

SITA Lab, the pioneering technology research wing of SITA, is at the forefront of exploring emerging technologies for the Air Transport Industry. Their portfolio spans a wide array of innovations, from drones and robots to biometrics and AI. These advancements are aimed at delivering a seamless travel experience for passengers while providing next-generation operational solutions for the aviation industry.

Derek Quek 是SITA 实验室资深高级项目经理兼技术传播者,牵头与亚太地区的机场和航空公司合作开展了一系列突破性的项目。他近期聚焦数字身份、数字旅行、人工智能和机器学习等前沿领域,以及优化航空公司和机场运营的机器人技术。Derek在信息技术运营、架构和创新方面拥有超过26年的经验,为跨国公司、政府部门和航空运输业作出杰出贡献。

SITA 实验室是SITA的先锋技术研究部门,在航空运输业新兴技术研发方面处于领先地位,产品组合涵盖了从无人机和机器人到生物识别和人工智能的广泛创新,旨在为旅客提供无缝旅行体验,同时为航空业提供下一代运营解决方案。