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Baobao Qu serves as the Senior Manager for Business Development in the Asia Pacific region at SITA. He holds the role of an Information Systems Project Manager and possesses the esteemed 6Sigma Black Belt certification. With over two decades of experience, Baobao Qu has honed his management skills in the realm of information technology within the air transport industry. His expertise lies in leveraging IT solutions to bolster and advance aviation businesses. He has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive information technology planning and consulting services for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to a diverse array of large and medium-sized airlines and airports, both on a local scale and across the Asia-Pacific region. His contributions have been pivotal in supporting these organizations' strategies and overall development.

瞿宝宝 – SITA亚太区业务拓展高级经理,信息系统项目管理师、6Sigma黑带。拥有超过20年航空业信息技术和管理经验,注重信息技术与航空业务的紧密结合。为海内外多家大、中型航空公司和机场成功提供信息技术规划及新技术应用咨询服务,助力航空企业战略实现。