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Shantanu Gangakhedkar supports clients across Asia Pacific on consulting projects related to all aspects of Aerospace & Defense. He has expertise working closely with MNCs, Government Departments, Technology Providers, Aviation Institutes, Solution Providers and OEM’s in areas of Strategic Growth Strategies, Competitor Benchmarking, Impact Analasys, Market Sizing & Forecasting, Value Chain Mapping, Gap Analysis and others.

In over 5 years with Frost, he has managed and delivered over 2 dozen high-impact consulting projects in the Aerospace & Défense field with clients including Airports, Airlines, MRO, Government Agencies, Airport IT Providers to name a few. He is also regularly featured on various international media channels to present his though eldership on industry outlook and insights.​​

He is an influencer who is known to inspire his team mates and possess Strong Analytical Skills coupled with practicality to enable clients with actionable insights while leveraging his ability to approach a problem from multiple standpoints

Shantanu has completed his MBA from S.P. Jain in Singapore and also has a degree in Liberal Arts.