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As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and air transport operations start normalizing, regional airports are expected to begin recovering fast. As passengers return to the skies, airports will again face the same landside and airside capacity constraints they were experiencing in pre-COVID times, but with the added hurdle of managing the new COVID-era health requirements.

At SITA we have focused our attention and resources on these key areas to ensure our product development is accelerated to meet market demand.

Meet us at booth # 35 & 36 to discuss on how SITA helps airports tackle recovery challenges with technology.

Date & Time

Start: Tuesday 15 November 2022

End: Thursday 17 November 2022


Australia, Adelaide Convention Centre, Booth # 35 & 36



Shanti John

Senior Manager, Business Development , Asia Pacific

Wednesday, 16 November  – 10:55 – 11:15

Synopsis: The need for agility and optimizing operations at regional airports is crucial to respond to rapidly changing situations. Regional airports must deliver a safer and near walk-through, touchless airport experience while maximizing assets and minimizing costs. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless technologies. How can you evolve your current solutions and avoid making costly new infrastructure investments to give you greater agility in times of increased volatility?