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Yann Cabaret was appointed CEO of SITA FOR AIRCRAFT in April 2022*.

Prior to that, Yann served as VP Strategy, Product & Marketing, at SITA FOR AIRCRAFT. With over 15 years of extensive experience within the air transport industry, Yann has a background in telecommunication engineering with a Masters from Telcom Paris Sud and EURECOM.

He started his career at Orange Mobile Switzerland, where he worked on various Mobile Networks engineering projects. In 2006, Yann joined OnAir, then a joint venture between SITA and Airbus, in which he held several management positions in Engineering, Customer Project Delivery, Customer Service and Bid Management. In 2015, he contributed to the creation of SITA FOR AIRCRAFT, as VP Customer Programs, overseeing program delivery and customer satisfaction.

Today, Yann leads the team responsible for the overall SITA FOR AIRCRAFT product portfolio which includes, cockpit and crew applications, mobile and WI-FI passenger connectivity, safety communications, and aircraft data management. Added to this, he is also responsible for the Air Traffic Control domain, and helps deliver a reliable and innovative outlook in this field. In a world where sustainability is high on the agenda, a lot of Yann’s focus is on introducing impacting and sustainable measures and policies into the products and services that are being offered.

*ad interim