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Dan Ebbinghaus was appointed Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Partnerships in March 2017. 

Prior to his current role, Dan served as Senior Vice-President, Communication and Infrastructure Solutions Line.  Dan also served as Vice President, Government and Security Solutions, the SITA global business he started.

Dan joined SITA in 1999 as Vice-President Finance based in Singapore and then moved to Atlanta, USA where he was President Americas from 2001 to 2005.  After this, Dan had global roles as Vice President New Ventures and Vice President Professional Services. 

Dan is currently on the Board of Aviareto, a subsidiary business for SITA, based in Dublin.  Dan has an MBA (with Honors) from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland; has received Executive Education from Harvard University; and is a Chartered Public Accountant from Canada.

He is based in Geneva, Switzerland.