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The air transport industry spends US$50bn a year on aircraft spare parts. Yet, the tracking and tracing of these spare parts as they move between airlines, lessors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) remains largely a manual process.

There is no one single view of how to track hundreds of millions of records of transactions between these entities, exacerbating risk and cost. And if there is any inconsistency between stakeholder systems, the risk of data overlap increases – as does cost.

Airlines face some of the most complex issues related to spare part management, from a lack of digital records to supply chain difficulties, system inconsistencies, and burdensome costs. Here at SITA, we believe that blockchain will be vital to solving these challenges.

This series of White Paper chapters will offer a trusted framework and new cost efficiencies, helping airlines address:

  • The challenges for airline MRO buyers, engineers, and admin
  • The challenges for those impacting or impacted by MRO 
  • The challenges for decision-makers 

Download our series of whitepapers on how blockchain is revolutionizing the MRO sector.