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In the current climate, airports face multiple challenges. How do you avoid the cost and customer satisfaction implications of delays? How can you drive efficiency with limited resources? Attract new airlines and passengers in the face of big airport competition? Seamlessly onboard new airlines? And achieve your sustainability goals with an inflexible infrastructure?

Satelite Satelite

All airports face seasonality and scalability issues and have to manage short-term demand fluctuations. Most lack economies of scale. And fixed, inflexible infrastructure doesn’t help at all – especially when it comes to meeting sustainability goals.

It’s also incredibly hard to be as efficient as you’d want to be – with limited resources (especially gates), the push to reduce manual processes wherever possible, and the never-ending drive to shorten turnaround times. Delays, when they occur, aren’t just costly; they also have a big impact on passenger satisfaction. And you’re always in competition with other airports.

Managing multiple solution providers can also be a big challenge, particularly when it comes to onboarding new airlines, who want to be able to plug straight into your infrastructure.

Choosing the right technology partner. It’s key for modern airports to make themselves attractive to both airlines and passengers. That means having the right services in place, and scalable technology that can deal with changes in the business environment over extended periods of time. And it means being able to embrace innovative new technologies as they develop and evolve. Whether that’s moving some or all of your operations into the cloud, or harnessing the power of data and AI to boost your business.

Cost is always an important factor, but not the only one. You need to ensure that the solutions you choose now can grow with you and that your technology partner will help you stay ahead – and stay profitable – over the years to come.

While it’s essential to be able to take advantage of the latest smart, flexible, reliable solutions, you also need to be fully-supported every step of the way.

Your strategic technology partner should understand the complexities of your airport business. At the same time, they should be able to work with all the other industry stakeholders you deal with. They should be able to understand the needs and requirements of each – including airlines, ground handlers, governments and more.

SITA is the only technology partner developing unique products in-house that are easy to plug-and-play with your existing systems – and there’s no ‘tech lock-in’.

At SITA, we offer a range of products and solutions across four domains – passenger processing, baggage management, operations at airports, and infrastructure. We provide you and your passengers with a complete end-to-end proposition. Within each of our four domains, we offer unrivaled flexibility to use more sophisticated and advanced technology whenever it suits your business.