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Value for money

Value for money is central to our procurement strategy. This goal cannot be achieved without the support of suppliers both large and small. We rely on our suppliers to deliver the highest standard of excellence. We constantly seek to improve and expect our suppliers to play a major part in the improvement of our procurement process by sharing our goal of world-class customer service.

Supplier selection is based on the value for money principle. While price is important, we always consider quality, timely delivery, reliability, warranty, safety, security, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and after-sales services and support when making a procurement decision.

Supplier capabilities

Potential suppliers must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical ability to meet fully our requirements. We prefer to create and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with our suppliers.

SITA expects all our suppliers to comply with the SITA Security Requirements (see below)

Where applicable, suppliers that access, process, store or transmit data on behalf of SITA must undergo an information security review. To initiate the review process, submit an email to with the following information.


  • SITA Business Owner
  • Supplier Contact
  • Brief Description of the services

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Acting responsibly is at the heart of all we do. We believe strongly that CSR can make a positive difference for everyone - our employees, our business, our customers and the air transport industry. We expect all our suppliers to embrace the principles set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Read more about CSR at SITA

Supplier details

By providing goods and/or services to SITA, suppliers agree to allow SITA to store their data in SITA's financial systems. Below is a template of the supplier data stored in our financial systems. Please email our purchasing support organization (see below) for an MS Excel copy so we can load your data and reduce the non-financial cost of doing business with you.

If you are a current supplier and your data needs updating, please send your updates to:

Supplier data processing agreement

The attached SITA Supplier Data Processing Agreement applies to all directly notified SITA suppliers who process personally identifiable data pursuant to an agreement with any legal entity within the SITA  group of companies.