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NDC community enablement

SITA, together with IATA, appreciates that the way airlines sell their services and products has evolved dramatically in recent years. To address the diverse needs of contemporary air travel retailing, IATA has spearheaded the development of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard.

A particular emphasis of NDC is its ability to help third-party airline distribution channels, such as retail and online travel agencies, travel management companies, and metasearch engines, receive more flexible and compelling airline content from airlines. In turn, these indirect channels can offer their customers richer, more engaging digital flight shopping experiences.

Ongoing proofs-of-concepts highlight a number of challenges that the industry may face in adopting NDC. SITA has a significant part to play in helping our community address these challenges and realize the full potential of NDC.

Over the next few years SITA will work closely with the industry to develop key capabilities to help drive widespread adoption of NDC.

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