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As the world's leading air transport IT and communications specialist, we’re committed to meeting the demands of the air transport community each and every day.

We’re 100% industry owned, so in developing community solutions, we’re guided by our 430 owner-members around the world.  We also rely on the expertise and experience of the SITA Board and SITA Council, including air transport industry CIOs and other IT professionals.

We tackle community issues with common approaches and shared solutions and services, with a focus on reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and introducing new ways of working. Here are a few examples.

Solving industry challenges

With the aim of benefiting the entire air transport community, SITA has  launched five initiatives to explore new solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. These include baggage tracking; Identity management; building a disruption warning system; NDC and cybersecurity.

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AIRCOM® FlightTracker

Responding to the industry’s demand for improved aircraft flight tracking, SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM FlightTracker guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

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ATI Cloud

SITA developed the first community cloud for the ATI in 2011. Since then, it's been changing the way the industry accesses applications, information, and business services.

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The air transport community is facing increased risk from cyber-attack. SITA is working to play a more significant role in mitigating these threats for the air transport community.

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The first air transport industry community hub for APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), making it simpler for developers to build complete passenger, airport and aircraft solutions across the travel journey.

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