The American experience - Phil Easter

The American experience - Phil Easter

The American experience - Phil Easter

"American Airlines was the first to use SITA’s Common Use Beacon Registry in a pilot program at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport."

Phil Easter, American's Director of Mobile Apps and Wearable Technology

Philip EasterThe world’s largest deployment of beacons by an airline will mean passengers receiving up-to-date and relevant information on their mobile devices.

American’s Director of Mobile Apps and Wearable Technology, Phillip Easter believes knowing where a passenger is before sending information enables more effective communication.


In the moment

Beacons will help us understand about the moment
the passenger is in and provide useful services to their
smartphone through our app, based on that moment. 

Phillip Easter, Director, Mobile Apps & Wearable Technology, American Airlines

“They will provide navigation way points. Passengers will see on a map where they are in the airport and where they need to be.

“That’s an important and helpful service to the majority of our passengers, who tend to go straight to the gate for fear of missing a flight, or because they’re not sure whether they have time to find other services, including retail,” concludes Easter.

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