• Robotics in air transport

    The era of robotics is upon us.
    So what happens after the hype has gone?

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  • Innovation is not a choice

    Innovation is the lifeblood of the air transport industry.
    The speedier it can be, the better.

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  • Let's defeat disruption

    Disruptions cost airlines around US$25 billion in 2016.
    Let's tackle this waste.

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  • Through the lens of hospitality

    JetBlue Airways looks at innovations
    and the passenger experience


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  • Make your data count

    Data is all around us.

    Will it become a burden or an asset?

    Utilize it well

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Make your data count

Make your data count

Data is all around us, but it must be managed and integrated. 

Use your data well

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Mixed: the new reality?

Mixed: the new reality?

As airport control centers bring new capabilities to airports across the world, the SITA Lab sheds light on the potential of managing operations in a mixed reality environment.

Explore the new reality

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Kiosk advances

Kiosk advances

With more than 12,000 installed worldwide, kiosks now offer everything from check-in to border control to autonomous robotics.

Advance with kiosks

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The kiosk's Canadian roots

The kiosk's Canadian roots

SITA’s Burlington-based kiosk business employs a range of experts and is a vital cog in the global travel industry.

Unearth the roots

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Advanced cybersecurity from Airbus and SITA

AIRBUS and SITA have launched a new Security Operations Center Services specifically for the air transport industry.
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Prestigious accolade for Drop&Fly

Drop&Fly, SITA’s bag-drop unit, has been awarded the prestigious 2017 iF Design Award.
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