• Make your data count

    Data is all around us.

    Will it become a burden or an asset?

    Utilize it well
  • All Change at the Airport

    Digital technology is playing a prime role in the transformation of airports.

    Embrace the change
  • Kiosk advances

    With more than 12,000 installed worldwide, kiosks now offer everything from check-in to...

  • Let's defeat downtime

    What can aviation do to mitigate against downtime crises? 

    Join the fight
  • Mixed: the new reality?

    SITA Lab explores managing operations in a mixed reality environment with Microsoft HoloLens.

    The new reality

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Let's Tackle the Cyber Threat in Aviation

Let's Tackle the Cyber Threat in Aviation

As aviation undergoes wholesale digital transformation, there's a growing risk of calculated and premeditated cyber attacks learn how the community is responding.

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Mixed: the new reality?

Mixed: the new reality?

As airport control centers bring new capabilities to airports across the world, the SITA Lab sheds light on the potential of managing operations in a mixed reality environment.

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Find the right formula

Find the right formula

Finding the right formula is crucial to our airports’ digital transformation, says Aéroports de Paris’ Group CIO Gilles Lévêque.

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Data makes the difference

Data makes the difference

The intelligent use of data plays an important role at the Skytrax award winning airport, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International. We talk to Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer of the airport’s operator, Kenton County Airport Board.

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