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Nicolas Husson was appointed Chief Financial Officer of SITA in 2018, and in April 2020, also took on responsibility for Legal & Corporate Services.

His responsibilities include directing all SITA financial activities, ensuring world-class financial governance and maintaining relationships with external financial, fiscal and investment communities. Heading Finance, Legal and Corporate Services, Nicolas will ensure robust support and simplified processes to help enable SITA's business growth, while also strengthening compliance.

Nicolas joined SITA in 2010 as Senior Director Business Finance. Nicolas exercised many responsibilities among which managing SITA 3-year business plan & budget process, contributing to  SITA transformation programs, controlling SITA large investments & commercial deals or strengthening the Project Financial Control practice.

Prior to joining SITA, Nicolas worked for Atos between 1994 and 2010. His last role was CFO, Global Managed Operations. Nicolas has acquired strong expertise in System Integration and Managed Services businesses, he managed post acquisition integration program, Financial system implementation and Business transformational initiatives.

He is based in Geneva, Switzerland.