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For over 70 years, SITA has been at the heart of the air transport community – dedicated solely to meeting the community’s needs.

Airlines, airports, ground handlers, governments, international organizations and more, they all rely on SITA’s solutions and expertise to help keep the wheels of the industry in motion. They all depend on SITA technology to make air travel easier at every step of the way, helping them to meet the expectations of passengers of the future.

Being owned by the air transport community, we collaborate closely with our members, customers and industry bodies around the world to add value for the community. Because we’re industry-owned, our strategic direction, developments and innovations are driven by real industry requirements.

We’re guided by the expertise and experience of the SITA Board and SITA Council, and our wider membership. Together, they drive SITA’s success. And together, we’re shaping tomorrow’s air transport IT and communications solutions.

2,800 customers worldwide
2,800 customers worldwide

- Airlines

- Airports

- Ground handlers

- Governments and border agencies

- Aerospace, aircraft and airframe manufacturers

- Air navigation service providers

- Global Distribution Systems (GDSs)

- Air cargo

- International organizations

- And more


100% industry-owned and driven
100% industry-owned and driven

Owned by hundreds of air transport industry members for over 70 years.


Driven by over 30 air transport industry IT leaders, who sit on SITA’s Board and Council.


Working with our Customer Advisory Board, industry bodies and user groups to meet real air transport requirements.

Delivering across the journey

SITA is a global leader in IT and infrastructure for the air transport industry, transforming areas like passenger processing, airport operations, baggage management, border management and aircraft operations.

Our vision, ‘Easy air travel every step of the way’, recognizes the need to use technology effectively across every stage of the journey.

We help to achieve operational excellence, through intelligent, digital technologies to better manage the complexity of industry operations, processes and industry data flows.

We strive to deliver a seamless passenger journey, through self-service across the journey, supported by co-innovations with stakeholders and customers in areas such as identity management, biometrics, mobile and more.

Nearly every passenger trip relies on our technology

We innovate. Together

SITA innovates for the benefit of the entire industry – tackling the issues and trends faced by air transport.

We proactively co-innovate with customers, the community and an ecosystem of technology partners. We work closely with industry bodies like IATA and Airports Council International on major industry programs, as well as regional organizations and working groups.

We believe that collaborative innovation will transform the air transport industry, making the industry’s ecosystem fitter.

Our innovations for customers are leading to an ever- increasing number of filed patents.

We strive to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. More than that, we aim to deliver transformation of industry processes, putting technologies to effective use in air transport.

We’re increasingly winning industry awards for innovation, like our ‘IT Company of the Year’ awards from Air Transport News.

  • SITA has responded to pressing community issues through a set of innovation programs addressing baggage tracking, identity management, disruption management and warning, cybersecurity and IATA’s NDC standard.
  • On top of that, our innovation agenda for the community includes passenger flow monitoring, geolocation, business intelligence, big data, predictive analytics, collaborative decision making, mixed reality, digital twins, aircraft turnaround, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and more.
  • We are the providers of the www.developer.aero platform, bringing a range of apps for airports, wait times, boarding passes, flight information, baggage management and tracking, and more.
  • Our APIs are now being used community-wide to unlock vast amounts of data to support a passenger’s ‘day of travel’, the industry’s ‘day of operations’ as well as the terabytes of data furnished by new generation digital aircraft.

Solutions for airports of all sizes

SITA Airport Management

Whether you’re an airline, airport or ground handler, Airport Management can help you streamline existing systems, reduce costs and centralize your operations.

SITA Information Display System

Next-generation flight information display system (FIDS) supporting the seamless flow of passengers through your airport


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