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Strategic technology research for the ATI

SITA Lab is SITA's strategic technology research arm. Our role is to stimulate technological innovation in the air transport industry (ATI) and bring emerging technologies into SITA's portfolio. We innovate in collaboration with airlines, airports, and technology specialists globally.

Having some of the most experienced and dynamic developers in the air transport industry (ATI), SITA Lab is heavily investing in emerging technologies and investigating the enhancements they can bring to passenger and crew journeys.

New innovations and ideas arising from internal discussions as well as external requests are developed and market-tested within a secure environment.

SITA Lab has helped create many world-firsts in air travel - from the first mobile in-flight applications to the first iPad-based kiosks for plane tickets.

Our focus

Everything mobile

We investigate how geo-location, context awareness, e-wallets, near field communications (NFC), video analysis and scanning can best be harvested in air transport.

APIs and developers ecosystems

We are convinced that our industry needs to embrace the API platform approach to foster innovation.

Standards for the ATI

Our industry can exist because there are standards in place, which enable interoperability and scale economies. For more than 50 years, SITA has been the leader in deploying standards and common industry solutions - and we are working on the standards needed in the future.

Below you will find some technologies we are currently focused on

Leo, SITA's baggage robot

Leo, a fully autonomous, self-propelling baggage robot has the capacity to check in, print bag tags and transport up to two suitcases with a maximum weight of 32kg.

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Wearable technology

SITA Lab is exploring wearable technology - including Google Glass, smart watches and smart jewelry and is collaborating with airlines and airports to develop and pilot potential solutions for the air transport industry.

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Beacon Registry

Beacon technology has been hailed as a game-changer in retail. It uses Bluetooth to trigger the display of information on phones and tablets that is relevant to the specific location and context of the user. But will beacons be used at the world's airports? 

SITA has developed a common beacon registry and is working with the industry to define standards for deploying and using beacons with maximum interoperability. With beacons, passengers receive location-relevant information on their mobile devices.

The recently announced trial with Hong Kong International Airport the emphasis in on improving the passenger experience so we are using best-in-class interactive maps to guide passengers along typical pathways between public transport points, check-in counters, immigration, Automated People Mover, boarding/arrival gates and baggage claim areas.

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Other projects

Groundbreaking innovations in air travel

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