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Thought leadership from the heart of the ATI

  • Maximize operational efficiency, increase the flow of passengers, and meet on-time departure demands, while providing a rapid and secure check-in process.

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  • The air transport industry (ATI) has cut the rate of mishandled bags by 61.3% globally since 2007, creating US$ 18 billion in total estimated cost savings.

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  • Airlines and airports are investing in mobile products to help air travelers on their journey and enable more personalized services. But are passengers, airlines and airports aligned?

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  • Horizon Passenger Services Systems (PSS) provides an agile platform for increasing efficiency, improving customer service and expanding revenue opportunities.

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Issue 1

Ready for the connected traveler?

The first issue of 2015 includes features on connected travelers, e-aircraft, future-proof airports, smarter borders, and the rise of kiosks. It also includes a must-read interview with the chief information officer and senior vice president of Turkish Airlines.

Ready for the connected traveler?
17 February 2015 - pdf - 4.73 Mb
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