Baggage Report 2012

More bags delivered on time than ever before

The eighth annual SITA Baggage Report shows that 99.1 per cent of checked bags were delivered on time to the passenger during 2011. This is the highest rate of successful delivery since the report was first produced and represents a saving of US$ 650 million to the air transport industry over 2010.

Download the Baggage Report 2012 for free (registration required)Download the Baggage Report 2012 for free (registration required)
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Download the full Baggage Report 2012 to get in-depth understanding of:

  • Key statistics
  • Regional breakdown of baggage mishandling
  • Why transfer bags are the top concern
  • Opportunities to deliver even better services
  • Intelligent technology
  • What lies ahead

Baggage Report 2012 key findings

  • 2.87 billion enplaned passengers (up from 2.68bn in 2010)
  • 25.8 million mishandled bags (down from 32.3m in 2010)
  • 8.99 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers (down from 12.07 in 2010)

Five-year stats: industry improvements since 2007

  • Total scheduled passengers carried: up 15.3%, to 2.87 billion
  • Total bags mishandled: down 45.1% to 25.8 million
  • Annual cost to the industry per passenger carried: down 52.4%

Download the Baggage Report 2012 for free (registration required)Download the Baggage Report 2012 for free (registration required)
(5.20 MB)

About the SITA Baggage Report

Since 2005, SITA has produced an annual baggage report, which is designed to offer all air transport industry stakeholders the latest facts, figures and trends related to global baggage processing and management. In preparing this report, SITA works in close collaboration with industry associations to ensure its facts, figures and analysis are as complete and accurate as possible.

Global data on mishandled bags from SITA's WorldTracer system is complemented by perspectives from the US Department of Transportation, the Association of European Airlines and the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines.

With help from these essential insights, air transport industry stakeholders can better work together to improve baggage management around the world - generating savings for the industry, while improving the overall passenger experience.

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