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SITA technology helps more than 1,000 airports worldwide deliver a hassle-free passenger journey. Our future proof solutions - including single token travel, common-use in the cloud, business intelligence, near-field communications (NFC), day of travel services and beacons - are helping transform airports and improve the passenger experience around the world.

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Adelaide Airport chooses SITA smart technology for the future

Adelaide Airport, Australia’s fastest-growing international airport, has selected SITA to provide smart new passenger and airport operational technology.

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By monitoring, measuring and understanding queue wait times, airports gain knowledge and insights which better enables operational planning and intervention to address bottlenecks, increases operational efficiency and improves the passenger experience.
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At an airport, the daily movement of passengers and key assets in the airport directly impacts operational performance, revenue generation and the passenger experience. FlowAnalyzer is the most intuitive passenger, staff and key asset flow analyzer on the market today, utilizing best in class technology to allow airports to see passenger flows by departures, arrivals, transfers, and visits across all facets of the airport.
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The air transport industry suffers from challenges that affect the time and speed of processing passengers through the airport. Lack of access to operational and historical data about passenger movements, impacts on the airport’s capability to implement improvement initiatives. With CommonUseAnalyzer you can analyze, report and benchmark passenger movements at the airport, leveraging data from SITA’s common use platform.
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