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  • Making hassle-free bag drop the industry standard

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    Airport disruptions, if not managed correctly, can unleash chaos, impacting operations, damaging the airport’s reputation, and causing unnecessary costs.

    Most common causes of disruption are known and can be monitored by the airport.

    Unexpected disruptions need to be identified and addressed as quickly as possible, to minimize impact and restore normal services.

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  • Beyond common-use desktop (CUTE/CUPPS), there are many more common-use self-service functions that can be deployed in cloud infrastructure, including kiosks (CUSS), self-service bag-drop and self-boarding gates.

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SITA technology helps more than 1,000 airports worldwide deliver a hassle-free passenger journey. Our future proof solutions - including single token travel, common-use in the cloud, business intelligence, near-field communications (NFC), day of travel services and beacons - are helping transform airports and improve the passenger experience around the world.

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Integrate, orchestrate, collaborate

Technology is a key enabler of operational excellence, and the growth of shared IT and network infrastructure in airports provides increased agility for all stakeholders. This helps break down silos and drive opportunities for greater process integration to improve overall airport operation.

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Integrate, orchestrate, collaborate
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Smart BagDrop

Checking in baggage can be stressful for passengers. The good news is that with the right bag drop solution, every journey can get off to a great start. Find out how.
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2016 Passenger IT Trends Survey - Technology

Airline passengers globally are so comfortable with technology that they prefer to use it rather than interact directly with people.
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Community Messaging for Airport Operations

SITA Community Messaging helps airports with the exchange and integration of business-critical data, supporting the airport’s planning and operations processes, while providing access to the largest community...
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