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Real-world examples of SITA products and solutions helping the industry meet goals and overcome challenges

  • AIRCOM® ATN Services

    pdf - 291 kb
    Real time data exchange for Flight Crews and ATN ground centers.
  • AIRCOM® Information Services

    pdf - 271 kb
    Use the SITA AIRCOM network to obtain the latest weather reports and monitor airport and air traffic conditions from origination to destination.
  • Airfare RepriceRefund

    pdf - 210 kb
    Increase your staff efficiency by reducing the average time to recalculate a ticket from 25-30 minutes to 2-3 minutes.
  • Airline Infrastructure Management

    pdf - 167 kb
    Major IT transformation powered by SITA’s ATI Cloud integrates local and global systems, simplifies operations and reduces costs, thereby ensuring the capability of the infrastructure to meet future challenges.
  • AirportBusiness Manager

    pdf - 195 kb
    Simplify the management of all contracts with a comprehensive set of tools to handle all agreements, revenue and non-revenue producing.
  • AirportCentral AirportResource Manager

    pdf - 200 kb
    Real-time planning and tracking of irregular operations, aeronautical billing, and reporting.
  • AirportCentral Departure Manager (DMAN) module

    pdf - 244 kb
    Optimization of your runway usage
  • AirportCentral Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS) module

    pdf - 244 kb
    Rate control for aircraft arrival at the runway
  • AirportConnect Open

    pdf - 152 kb
    Reap the benefits of shared workspaces and devices, and of investing in improvements to passenger processing services: consistency, scalability, and easy integration of new technologies.
  • AirportConnect S3 and D4 Kiosk

    pdf - 200 kb
    SITA's next-generation kiosks include key features that provide significant cost savings for dedicated, single-airline use as well as common, multiple-airline use.
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