Strategic technology research for the air transport industry

SITA Lab is SITA's strategic technology research arm. Our role is to stimulate technological innovation in the air transport industry (ATI) and bring emerging technologies into SITA's portfolio. We innovate in collaboration with airlines, airports and technology specialists globally.

Our focus:

  1. Everything mobile
    We investigate how geo-location, context awareness, e-wallets, NFC, video analysis and scanning can best be harvested in air transport.
  2. Wearable computing
    We see that, in addition to being consumer products, wearable computing will provide great opportunities for the 5 million airline and airport staff worldwide.
  3. APIs and developers ecosystems
    We are convinced that our industry needs to embrace the API platform approach to foster innovation.
  4. Internet of things
    The proliferance of sensors in airports and aircraft provide huge opportunities for real-time monitoring and interaction among all kinds of devices.
  5. Big data
    We are exploring how to set up big data systems to leverage the internet of things and the massive amounts of data the industry is creating.
  6. Standards for ATI
    Our industry can only exist because there are standards in place, which enable interoperability and scale economies. For more than 50 years, SITA has been the leader in deploying standards and common industry solutions - and we are working on the standards needed in the future.

Interested in collaborating?

Please contact:

Renaud Irminger, Director, SITA LabRenaud Irminger

Tel: +41 793 300 778
Stephane Cheikh, Innovation Manager, SITA LabStephane Cheikh
Innovation Manager

Tel: +41 793 300 442