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Discover SITA know-how for governments

SITA helps governments worldwide keep their borders secure. We provide a complete set of capabilities to modernize border security. With SITA’s solutions, government agencies have the right information at the right time in the right place to make informed decisions. Our automated border solution optimizes the processing of travelers without compromising security.


SITA Smart Path™

SITA Smart Path uses biometrics as the single identification token at every step in the passenger journey. It is easily integrated into existing airport infrastructure and airline systems.

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Use cases

iBorders BorderOperations

pdf - 193 kb
Build a comprehensive view of your border management operations, use resources effectively and know precisely who and what is crossing the border at any given time.
Use cases

iBorders Interaction

pdf - 146 kb
Identify risks earlier in the journey and speed up the arrivals and departures process for the vast majority of legitimate travelers.
Use cases

iBorders RiskManagement

pdf - 184 kb
How can governments improve their targeting capability and identify high-risk passengers and situations at every stage of the passenger journey?
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