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Air navigation providers

Discover SITA know-how for air navigation providers

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    Real time data exchange for Flight Crews and ATN ground centers.
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    Where remote locations can’t always justify the cost of a regular IP network leased lines, or where leased lines cannot be delivered, we offer CorporateConnect Light. Designed to cover lower-end connectivity requirements of your non-critical remote VPN sites, it offers access to your most critical business applications by offering Internet traffic breakout and resiliency options for optimum performance.
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SITA’s air traffic management portfolio is the solution of choice for more than sixty of the world’s air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Our datalink and ATM services cover both the airport tower and en-route environments. SITA’s solutions help ANSPs remove operational problems caused by excessive controller and pilot workload, improve efficiency, and increase airspace capacity worldwide


Make transformation happen

Today’s messaging challenge is how to bridge Type B systems with emerging technologies while optimizing costs.

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Make transformation happen
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Air Traffic Management

SITA's Air Traffic Management (ATM) helps guide aircraft in the skies and on the ground.
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Send and receive operational mails using a web-based messaging service that is accessible from any PC in any airport location.
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The preferred operational messaging system for flight operations with airlines worldwide, handling over 800 million messages every year and connecting more than 20,000 users.

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