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Comprehensive summaries of events, solutions, products, and more.

  • Horizon Departure Control Services product snapshot

    pdf - 490 kb
    The latest in open systems technology manages check-in and boarding smoothly, efficiently and profitably. Drive revenue through ancillary services in a way that is information-rich and flexible.
  • Horizon Business Intelligence product snapshot

    pdf - 779 kb
    Receive actionable insights into your airline that can improve operational performance. Evaluate and analyze your business to identify issues, spot trends and uncover opportunities.
  • Horizon Revenue Integrity product snapshot

    pdf - 9.31 Mb
    The abuse of fare rules, no-shows and cancellations cause major revenue losses for airlines. That's why we've created Horizon Revenue Integrity to help your airline tackle 'bad' bookings and stop revenue leakage.
  • Horizon Airfare Insight product snapshot

    pdf - 9.50 Mb
    On top of price, ahead of the competition. This all-in-one fares management package monitors, calculates and automates fare-setting and distribution.
  • A decade of transformation with Francesco Violante

    pdf - 7.11 Mb
    View the timeline from 2006 to 2016 and the many achievements during Francesco Violante's tenure as CEO.
  • SITATEX Online Flyer

    pdf - 1.24 Mb
    SITATEX Online offers an innovative and cost-efficient operational mail solution that simplifies how air transport industry (ATI) professionals collaborate and exchange information.
  • Horizon Weight & Balance product snapshot

    pdf - 7.84 Mb
    Airlines need efficient load planning, but how can CEOs select the right tool to achieve optimal aircraft weight distribution?
  • A decade of transformation

    pdf - 233 kb
    As the air transport industry evolves, so too does SITA. In the last decade, the pace of change has been relentless and SITA has undergone a period of major transformation. The company has adapted to a changing market by strengthening its service capability and shifting its portfolio from solely network services.
  • SITA Smart Path™ – simple, fast, secure

    pdf - 1.26 Mb
    SITA Smart Path delivers streamlined self-service passenger processing with security assurance. It reduces stress for passengers as the process is fast, simple and eliminates redundant travel document checks.
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