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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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The most important differentiator between airports

Published on  26 May 2015 01:29  by Carlos Yoshihiro Kaduoka

Airports must look to create an ideal passenger experience across all touch points, such as check-in and bag drop, security, border control, flight transfer and bag collection. Technology can help in all of these areas.

Good news in baggage management

Published on  21 May 2015 11:13  by Nick Gates

The aim of Resolution 753 is to reduce mishandling by determining custody of every bag during each phase of the baggage process. This will increase passenger satisfaction while at the same time decreasing the possibility of baggage fraud.

Coming to an airport near you: better connectivity

Published on  19 May 2015 08:03  by Benoit Vedel

You’re at some out-of-the-way airport trying to download a film for the flight or trying to view an attachment sent by your work colleague, but the connection is somewhere between slow and slower. It is a frustrating experience that leaves a bad impression.

Enabling growth with IT

Published on  14 May 2015 12:28  by Kerem Kiziltunç

Our IT organization is key to enabling the growth strategy of our business. We have many large-scale programs, but there’s always a new disruptive technology coming around the corner. We need to have the flexibility to take them into account, to evaluate them.

Simplifying airport IT

Published on  12 May 2015 12:46  by Gurkan Altiner

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (ISG) has seen tremendous growth in recent years. To support it, we started a business and IT transformation program in 2012. Although the project is ongoing, progress so far has been very promising.

Paradigm change in airport design

Published on  04 May 2015 01:48  by Matthys Serfontein

Airport terminals are arguably the most technology-reliant buildings open to the public. The heavy reliance on technology has prompted architects to collaborate with IT specialists during the design phase of new airports and terminals. (SITA was involved in this early collaboration during the building of intelligent airports in Sao Paolo (GRU) and Rio de Janeiro.)

Apple Watch removes stress from travel

Published on  29 April 2015 02:16  by Renaud Irminger

Check out this video of JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes explaining how SITA's Boarding Pass API on his Apple Watch allows him to speed through the airport with a flick of his wrist.

Improving the end-user experience

Published on  14 April 2015 03:55  by Rene Fourel

“One size fits all” is not an option anymore. Instead role profiling and delivering the right applications, to the right device with the right services, is now the norm - both to enhance the user experience and to reduce costs.

More payment options than ever

Published on  19 March 2015 03:23  by Thomas Knierim

Credit and debit cards have long been the payment method of choice for online transactions. But by 2017 alternative schemes will overtake cards for products and services purchased online, with alternative payments accounting for 59% of all transactions.

Modernizing supply chain messaging

Published on  17 March 2015 02:43  by Sean Melia

During its proceedings, the ATA e-Business Program’s “Spec 2000 Procurement Extension Project Team,” better known as “Spec 2.0,” discussed several potential changes to Spec 2000 that could have immediate benefit to the community if approved and published.

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