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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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Coming to an airport near you

Published on  02 February 2016 07:09  by Benoit Vedel

The fact that connectivity solutions continue to evolve means that our vision for AirportHub will also evolve in tandem. This year we plan to add another 100 plus AirportHubs to our footprint and eventually cover 80% of all destinations, so keep an eye out as we could soon be at an airport near you.

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2016 the year for getting Smarter

Published on  22 December 2015 02:49  by Kevin O’Sullivan

At SITA Lab it’s our job to push the boundaries of new technologies that can be used by airlines and airports.

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Securing the border in times of uncertainty

Published on  10 December 2015 08:00  by Sean Farrell

Vetting such large numbers of people without increasing resources or significantly harming the passenger experience is a huge challenge for border management agencies. Recent international terrorism events only increase the stakes.

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Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

Published on  06 November 2015 02:00  by Matthys Serfontein

If we do come together – airports and airlines, regulators and government agencies, technology providers and retailers – there’s no telling what we can accomplish. And with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things just around the corner, there’s no telling what that future will look like.

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Wearables are here to stay

Published on  08 October 2015 08:00  by Renaud Irminger

The upside of wearables is just beginning to be fully known. When combined with other emerging technologies such as biometrics, the promise for advanced passenger use cases is astronomical.

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Airports need to make the connection personal

Published on  06 October 2015 02:00  by Ron Reed

By getting a better understanding of passenger behavior, airports can increase loyalty by providing the right message at the right time to the right customers. They can ease pressure on the ground by putting services and information in the palm of the user’s hand, lessening the need for total service fulfillment at the point of sale.

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Stuck at base

Published on  29 September 2015 11:48  by Matthys Serfontein

If like me you missed ACI World, make sure you read Catherine Mayer’s blog, Waves of the future. Along with Catherine’s great analysis, there were three major messages for airports to take home from Panama.

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No delays

Published on  24 September 2015 07:23  by Matthys Serfontein

What should airports and their partners do to improve flight punctuality and operations overall? Essentially, it requires many different stakeholders, including ground handlers, airlines, border control and air traffic control, to collaborate effectively.

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Asian innovation - what's next?

Published on  10 September 2015 01:57  by Ilya Gutlin

How all of us, as passengers, experience our journeys in the future might just be revealed next month in Singapore.

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Waves of the future: airports and the IoT

Published on  01 September 2015 10:00  by Catherine Mayer

To get the most out of the technology over the coming decades and properly respond to passengers’ changing demands, we should create an Air Transport Industry (ATI) Internet of Things. It will generate huge amounts of data from the systems deployed both airside and landside, on and off airport, to monitor and track assets, passengers, baggage, and aircraft.

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