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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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Apple Watch removes stress from travel

Published on  29 April 2015 02:16  by Renaud Irminger

Check out this video of JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes explaining how SITA's Boarding Pass API on his Apple Watch allows him to speed through the airport with a flick of his wrist.

Improving the end-user experience

Published on  14 April 2015 03:55  by Rene Fourel

“One size fits all” is not an option anymore. Instead role profiling and delivering the right applications, to the right device with the right services, is now the norm - both to enhance the user experience and to reduce costs.

More payment options than ever

Published on  19 March 2015 03:23  by Thomas Knierim

Credit and debit cards have long been the payment method of choice for online transactions. But by 2017 alternative schemes will overtake cards for products and services purchased online, with alternative payments accounting for 59% of all transactions.

Modernizing supply chain messaging

Published on  17 March 2015 02:43  by Sean Melia

During its proceedings, the ATA e-Business Program’s “Spec 2000 Procurement Extension Project Team,” better known as “Spec 2.0,” discussed several potential changes to Spec 2000 that could have immediate benefit to the community if approved and published.

Before you invest

Published on  12 March 2015 08:30  by Kevin Peterson

Thinking about passenger flow management? Read this before you invest! It’s no secret that airports want happy passengers, relaxed and spending money in their retail areas. Figures from JD Power make it quite clear why - passengers who are very satisfied with an airport tended to spend up to 45% more in retail outlets. Hence the desire to move passengers through checkpoints as quickly as possible.

Kiosks mean less queuing, more doing

Published on  10 March 2015 10:00  by Sean Farrell

Passengers have embraced check-in kiosks because they are fast and convenient, but best of all they save waiting in a long queue for the check-in agent, which means you get to join the long queue at immigration that much faster.

Better by design

Published on  09 March 2015 02:00  by Ned Macesic

Airports are buzzing with construction activity. The CAPA Airport Construction and Capex database currently lists over 2,300 airport construction projects worldwide and over 300 new airport developments.

Can we get through the airport in 10 minutes?

Published on  05 March 2015 08:53  by Matthys Serfontein

The fast adoption of smartphone technology by passengers has opened the door to new self-service options and further automation of the journey through the airport. It enables us to use proximity sensing technologies to link the discrete steps through the airport into a more seamless journey that is both faster and more convenient.

Airport MSI: integrating technology into airport construction

Published on  18 February 2015 08:37  by Ned Macesic

This wave of construction offers a great opportunity for airport operators to deploy the latest airport technology. Compared to retrofitting a suite of technology into an existing terminal, there is a significant cost-benefit to be realized by deploying it into a terminal while it is being constructed.

Meeting airport passenger growth with technology innovation

Published on  11 February 2015 08:18  by Carlos Yoshihiro Kaduoka

Around half of passengers say that there is room for improvement in the travel experience, citing baggage collection processes, transfer to connecting flights and check-in, security and boarding queues as complaints. All of these processes can be enhanced using technology, which is perhaps why 59 percent of airports say passenger experience was their top IT investment priority during 2014.

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