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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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Smart baggage

Published on  18 August 2015 02:00  by Nick Gates

Improved efficiencies go hand-in-hand with the improved levels of customer service that airlines and airports are eager to provide these days. With two-thirds of passengers saying they would use a service such as BagJourney, it’s clear they want greater control and choice in every aspect of their journey.

Gadgets link passenger services to data collection

Published on  10 August 2015 08:06  by Renaud Irminger

Because APIs empower developers to build travel apps that unlock massive amounts of passenger data, they’ll help the ATI create richer passenger experiences, including more personalized offerings and services.

The secret sauce in PSS

Published on  03 August 2015 05:40  by Allison O'Neill

But there are other areas across the value chain where airlines can differentiate themselves (loyalty programs, business intelligence, etc). It’s in these areas that airlines can inject their ‘secret sauce’ and deliver on their brand values and promise. In order to do this, airlines need to know who their passengers are, and understand the value of each one.

Introducing SITA OnAir

Published on  28 July 2015 01:30  by Ian Dawkins

SITA OnAir will build on this combined success in a collaborative way, taking the community approach I mentioned above. Over the next year, you’ll see us tackle more innovation, with more products being trialed, launched and implemented.

A shot in the arm for beacon technology

Published on  21 July 2015 08:00  by Kevin O'Sullivan

Neither does Eddystone change the need for the air transport industry to establish common-use beacons and standardizations for how they’re deployed. If anything, it underscores the need for the industry to get it right.

What's a Chief Transformation Officer?

Published on  13 July 2015 05:36  by Jappe Blaauw

In my new role as Chief Transformation Officer, I’m focused on breaking down barriers and removing silos – between our people and IT systems. To do this, it’s vital that the transformation team be light and agile or we’ll run the risk of doing just the opposite: creating another silo instead of breaking down existing ones.

A world's first in Miami

Published on  30 June 2015 04:21  by Maurice Jenkins

We’re very proud of the fact that Miami International Airport is the first in the world to have a complete and open deployment of beacons throughout our facilities. More importantly, as the largest US gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean, and one of the leading international passenger airports in the world, beacons have allowed us to take the passenger experience to a new level. For the first time, we have a viable technology that helps us influence people’s behavior in the airport. 

That's a wrap

Published on  18 June 2015 04:01  by Arthur Calderwood

The 16th Air Transport IT Summit is now closed. It included a record-number 350 delegates from 75 countries – a truly global audience. For those in attendance, I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did. I hope to see you again next year. For those who couldn’t join us, I hope we can welcome you to the 17th Air Transport IT Summit next year in Brussels.

7th annual Insight Sessions

Published on  17 June 2015 07:26  by Arthur Calderwood

I had the pleasure of welcoming delegates to the 2015 Air Transport IT Summit this morning, as well as introducing this year’s Insight Sessions. As I wrote yesterday, this has been a highly anticipated event and you could feel the buzz in the auditorium as the sessions were getting started.

One industry, one community

Published on  17 June 2015 02:00  by Francesco Violante

SITA and IATA have always recognized the merit in working together to provide value to the community. As our industry becomes increasingly connected, with more demand for information sharing and greater dependence on online systems, the need to take a community approach also becomes increasingly important.

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