Gain efficiency with paperless cabin crew operations

Airline cabin crews normally rely heavily on paper for a number of things including passenger name lists, passenger bag load status and connecting flight information. SITA’s CrewTablet is a tablet-based solution that removes the need for paper.

The launch of tablet-based applications needs to balance ease of use with your airline’s complex back-end IT systems. SITA’s CrewTablet is designed so it is easy to implement and will enhance the interaction between crew and passengers.


Quality customer care

SITA’s CrewTablet applications provide you with the up-to-the-minute tools to improve crew operational efficiency and to allow your cabin crew to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Streamlining operations

SITA has developed reliable 3G connectivity in airports, hangars and crew hotels. This enables the onboard cabin crew to access additional information such as weather reports and frequent flyer status before take-off. They can also synchronize completed crew forms to the crew server on landing.

IT integration

SITA works with Apple and has already integrated CrewTablet for some of the world’s biggest and fastest growing airlines. We understand how to manage the industry’s large volumes of air transport data securely through third-party applications.

SITA’s CrewTablet solution capitalizes on SITA’s unique industry cloud capability to provide a single high-speed global service using uninterrupted mobile connectivity.


SITA's CrewTablet provides the following benefits.

  • Access to a continuously connected single global service
  • SITA’s cloud capability for faster response and better performance
  • Optimum integration with SITA DCS and Reservations
  • Interfaces with WorldTracer
  • A tested solution designed for the air transport industry


SITA's CrewTablet includes the following features.

  • Updated flight schedule
  • An ergonomic dashboard for ease of use
  • Visual passenger and event mapping
  • Access to digital manuals and forms
  • Integration with airline back-end systems

SITA Global Services (SGS)

CrewTablet is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.


Cabin crew, as the face of the airline brand, need to embrace digitalization to ensure customer service remains as high as possible and that all operational activities are delivered seamlessly and efficiently before, during and after the flight.

Digitizing your paper-based processes with SITA's Aircraft Mobility solution for cabin crew allows you to reduce costs, expedite the capture of information and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.