Ensure on-time departures with a fully managed and secure baggage distribution system

Ensuring the right bags are on the right aircraft at the correct time requires an airline's departure control system to communicate with local baggage handling and reconciliation systems. It is important this complex process works properly for the smooth operation of airports and the on-time departure of flights, as well as to minimize the number of mishandled bags.

SITA’s BagMessage is a global, fully managed and secure baggage distribution service, providing airlines and airports with a single worldwide solution for baggage messaging.


SITA’s BagMessage is used by airports and airlines around the world as the standard interface between airline DCSs, and airline and airport baggage systems. BagMessage simplifies the process, reducing the number of communications that each airline and airport requires, which in turn reduces costs.

BagMessage eliminates the need for an airport baggage system operator to manage network connections to multiple airline customers. It also removes the need for airport-based hardware and on-site maintenance.  SITA has the global coverage and economies of scale to deliver this high quality and low cost service, with 24/7 support that airports and airlines demand.


SITA's BagMessage provides the following benefits.

  • Improved customer service through reduction in misdirected bags
  • Decreased costs through fewer DCS connections to multiple airports
  • Eliminated need for proprietary message switching systems
  • Eliminated or reduced need for computer space in the airport


SITA's BagMessage includes the following features.

  • Fully redundant bi-directional connections through which airline DCS and airport baggage systems communicate
  • Compliance with IATA Baggage Service Message standards
  • Managed service, eliminating the need for on-site technical support
  • Guaranteed delivery of messages through a secured intranet
  • Storage for undelivered messages
  • Supports all IATA baggage service message types and versions (e.g., BSM, BUM, BPM)
  • Technical support for interface development

A new UNIX platform increases the level of service for customers by accommodating:

  • System monitoring tools to improve support levels offered by the Help Desk
  • Services for the management of baggage data
  • Web-enabled services

SITA Global Services (SGS)

SITA’s BagMessage is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services. SGS command centers and field services specialize in managing high availability airport IT systems. SGS field engineers are on-site and available to ensure your IT systems minimize downtime and remain fully updated.

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