WorldTracer® Kiosk

Self-service baggage recovery enables passengers to report their own missing bags

WorldTracer Kiosk is a passenger self-service feature of WorldTracer. It enables passengers to file a missing baggage report via a kiosk located in the airport arrivals, claims or customs area.

Self-service options for baggage

Many airlines and airports around the world already have self-service kiosks and bag drops in place. However, as the technology continues to improve, self-service options for both baggage check-in and recovery have become simpler and faster to use for passengers.

WorldTracer Kiosk enables passengers to report delayed bags by scanning bar codes on their luggage tags. This will reduce the time it takes to report lost bags. The service will also eventually include a mobile option so passengers can track the status of delayed bags on their mobile phone or other device.

Passengers rank 'checked baggage arriving on time' as second in importance for a pleasant journey (after the flight arriving on time). Unfortunately, millions of checked bags are delayed each year. But this new kiosk feature of WorldTracer will provide affected passengers with more convenience and peace of mind.

WorldTracer Kiosk may be combined with any and all of the following modules:

  • Baggage Tracing
  • Baggage Management
  • Web Services

Benefits of WorldTracer Kiosk

  • Saves time in reporting lost bags from an average of 45 minutes when waiting for an agent to a few minutes using the kiosk
  • A unique claim ID number allows the passenger to remain informed of the status of their baggage, either through a dedicated website or a call centre
  • WorldTracer provides passengers with instant feedback on the status of their bags, 99.9% of which are successfully traced and reunited with their owners within 48 hours

Features of WorldTracer Kiosk

  • User-friendly touch screens
  • Pop-up calendar and other data lists
  • Baggage charts for ease of bag identification
  • File reference number confirmation is sent to the passenger via email and/or SMS

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