• Miami:
    Day of Travel pioneers

    One of the most enthusiastic
    supporters of airport apps

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  • The joined up journey

    Helping passengers through
    the travel process


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  • Let's seize the potential

    The benefits of nose-to-tail connectivity

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  • Decisions, decisions...

    Business Intelligence is
    the ‘must have’ toolset



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Robotics – after the hype

Robotics – after the hype

Robots in airports are nothing new. From Japan to Amsterdam, Geneva to San Jose, airport operators are experimenting with robots or intelligent machines to help check in baggage or assist passengers find their way through busy airports.

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Innovation is not a choice

Innovation is not a choice

As air transport experiences advancing digitization there’s never been a greater need to rapidly harness the power of innovation and bring the benefits to the industry’s passengers and players – across all industry operations and at every step of the journey.

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Life-on-the-go gets better

Life-on-the-go gets better

When they’re on the go, travelers often spend less time on-board an airplane and in an airport than on other parts of the journey – yet these journey stages determine the traveler’s emotional experiences. Making them seamless and effortless is vital.

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A breeze through Montréal

A breeze through Montréal

While continuing to experience growth, Aéroports de Montréal is focused on creating a more personalized travel experience to transform the passenger journey. The airport authority’s CEO, James Cherry, explains.

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Orlando redefines passenger experience

Passengers at Orlando International Airport are benefiting from a series of innovations.
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World's airports prioritize security

Airports are placing a higher priority on IT investments for passenger and airport security.
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