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Elevate your baggage services at arrivals

End-to-end baggage flow and core IATA Resolution 753 tracking points

WorldTracer helps to locate mishandled baggage reported at Arrival. 47% of mishandlings happen at Transfer:

According to Resolution 753, airlines must track baggage at four key points in the baggage journey:

  1. At check-in: passenger hands over bag
  2. At loading: bag is delivered to aircraft
  3. At transfer: bag custody changes between aircraft
  4. At arrival: bag is delivered to passenger

In terms mishandled baggage the most critical points are transfer and arrival.

Baggage management made simple

SITA Baggage Management tracks, traces, manages and predicts the flow of bags between and within airports, reducing costs every step of the way. Take 3 mins and let us show you how.
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Your bags, our priority

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SITA has solutions for every stage of the baggage process. Each offering is designed to help in decision-making, to increase operational efficiency and to enhance customer satisfaction.

IATA Baggage Reference Manual

pdf - 810 kb Free registration required
Created by IATA and the Baggage Disruption Group, this online manual is designed to provide insight into the key features of baggage operations. It presents potential issues that might occur along a generic baggage chain and offers ways to overcome them.