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Is passenger satisfaction a top priority for your business?

Elevate your services at arrivals today

WorldTracer® Tablet is an intuitive graphical user interface that allows agents to offer passengers more personalized services. Mobile agents can roam the airport to help passengers at baggage carousels or wherever they are in the airport to report mishandled baggage and trace their status. Agents can help make stressful situations at the airport more bearable and manageable.

Passenger IT Trends Survey 2017

The good news is that when technology is used by passengers the investment pays off as their satisfaction levels rise. See the highlights of the survey. 
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White papers

Passengers in focus

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Although 78% of air passengers are happy with their overall travel experience, over half want to see improvements at the airport and to have more control over their journey. In response, airports are using technology to improve every step- check-in and bag drop, border security, flight transfer and baggage collection.

Passenger experiences upon arrival

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All airlines strive to be profitable and are interested in business activities that increase revenue and reduce costs. But profitability extends further than purely a commercial focus.