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Passengers expect greater flexibility in how they make their travel purchases. Now you can reshape your product by focusing on retail strategies.  This can be a win-win proposition for you and your customers.

Horizon® Merchandising is an omni-channel solution that allows airlines to sell and ensure delivery of ancillary services such as fees for baggage, preferred seats, lounge passes and priority boarding. They can be readily available at each stage of a passenger’s journey. 

Horizon Merchandising makes ancillary booking available in multiple channels – at the airline call center, via online and mobile apps and at check-in. Customers can make their purchases during or after the initial booking, no matter how the original purchase was made – direct or indirect.

Horizon® Merchandising

How it helps

  • Generates additional revenues by charging for optional services
  • Industry standard processes applied across all channels to ensure consistency
  • Provides passengers with an enhanced purchasing experience offering better choice and à la carte services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Key components include:

Horizon® Service Fees

This is the central merchandising engine that delivers ancillary pricing to direct channels. Horizon Service Fees (HSF) provides consistent ancillary pricing to reservations and check-in agent desktops, e-commerce (online booking platforms) and mobile applications. It not only delivers its capabilities to these touchpoints through its tailored offer and shopping cart functionality, but also via the Merchandising App and an application programming interface (API).

Horizon® Merchandising App

The Horizon Merchandising App enables the sale of ancillaries at any time in the booking process and via any channel. Users access the app through a web link to view a priced seat map and purchase ancillary services. It is available at various customer touchpoints, including the reservations agent and airport check-in desktop processes, and in e-commerce and mobile applications.

Horizon® Priced Seat Map

You can increase revenue by charging different prices for seats based on pre-defined attributes, such as window or aisle location, or extra legroom. Horizon Merchandising includes a graphical seat map display that consistently incorporates these fees in all direct and indirect customer touchpoints.

The relevant fees are automatically processed, linked to the seat map, and retrieved from the reservations system. The integrated display shows the price applicable for each available seat for each passenger.

EMD-Chargeable SSRs

Horizon EMD enables you to automatically and efficiently track the sale and usage of additional services. It maintains an electronic record that feeds data directly into the revenue accounting system. This ensures that you can record the delivery of services and processing of fees and payments, not only from direct sales touchpoints, but also via multiple airline partners and third-party distributors.

Why us?

  • SITA has implemented an end-to-end solution that ensures you can begin collecting additional fees quickly with minimal risk and effort in both your direct and indirect channels.
  • All the components of the Horizon® passenger services suite are orchestrated so that you can create offers and fulfill orders across multiple direct touchpoints.
  • Whether you are just starting out, or evolving your merchandising practices, Horizon Merchandising provides a continuous path to growth in generating and fulfilling ancillary sales and revenues.

Application and infrastructure support

Horizon Merchandising is provided on an application service provider (ASP) basis, with SITA managing the technology, allowing the customer to focus on the business. Service includes guaranteed service level agreements, 24 x 7 help desk support and application monitoring.

SITA's infrastructure is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) experienced experts, committed to business continuity. Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.



Horizon® Merchandising product snapshot

Boost your revenues by effectively selling ancillary services along each touchpoint of the passenger’s journey.
Download the product snapshot

Horizon® Merchandising solution briefing

An omni-channel solution that allows airlines to sell and ensure delivery of ancillary services such as fees for baggage, preferred seats, lounge passes and priority boarding
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