Day of Travel Services

Combining digital and data services to create location-aware mobile and interactive touchscreen solutions that help passengers at airports


SITA Day of Travel Services offers a complete solution of engaging passenger-facing digital solutions as well as a broad range of APIs for the development of custom mobile airport apps for airports. Our services enable the delivery of passenger information via physical touchpoints or device-native mobile apps built to the airport’s specific needs and brand requirements.  

Day of Travel Services includes:

  • Day of Travel Airport App
  • Day of Travel Information & Wayfinding Touchscreen
  • FlightInfo API
  • FlightFollower API
  • Airport API
  • WaitTime API
  • Weather API
  • BoardingPass API
  • Bluetooth Beacons & Services
  • Airport Maps

Focused 100% on airport and air transport applications, SITA Day of Travel Services supports the coming wave of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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Dive into the world of SITA Day of Travel Services - Your complete solution for bespoke location-aware airport apps.

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How it helps

Our Day of Travel Services is built on two core capabilities:

  1. Digital services -deliver device-optimized mobile and interactive applications built in accordance with your specific functional and brand requirements. Whether on smartphones or expansive touchscreen fixtures in the airport, these applications leverage our data services and deliver contextually aware information for airports to interact with passengers in the right place at the right time, significantly improving the passenger experience and operational performance, and increasing non-aeronautical revenues.

  2. Data services (can be used independently of our Digital services):
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs), available from a single portal (, allow developers to tap into a highly scalable store of aviation-related data and tools, accelerating the creation of applications and enabling developers to focus their creativity around the user experience, rather than the effort of dealing with technical differences between data sources.
  • Beacon Services, from the design of a beacon deployment strategy, to implementation and support. Together with the Beacon Registry and geo-location, our services ensure you take personalization and location-based services to the next level.
  • Airport Maps are a centralized solution for creation, management, and delivery of detailed, high-fidelity airport maps, providing you with a one-stop cloud-based source that can be used across every passenger-facing digital touch point, from websites to apps to touchscreens.

Learn more about our range of APIs.

Airports can also increase non-aeronautical revenues by monetizing their own data and making it available to other industry-related application developers.

Key features

  • Open, integration-friendly architecture
  • Bluetooth beacons for indoor location-based services
  • APIs to feed information into the apps
  • Interactive high-fidelity maps


  • Improved passenger experience
  • Increased non-aeronautical revenues
  • Better operational performance
  • Consistent, accurate, helpful info for passengers

Why us?

Only SITA can deliver a complete, end-to-end solution.

With today’s state-of-the-art apps, the design aspect is relatively simple. The challenge is including the depth and breadth of data integration, and creating a modern architecture that’s both easy to manage and extends to all digital touch-points. Our broad range of APIs, and the combination of directly sourced data, makes SITA a distinctive provider in this market.

SITA Global Services

With a customer service team of over 2,000 dedicated aviation IT specialists and engineers located across 140 countries and territories, SITA delivers integrated local and global support to over 2,700 customers.

Our multilingual operations teams provide monitoring and support 24/7 from 350 locations, ensuring your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.

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Making travel a breeze

Dive into the world of SITA Day of Travel Services - Your complete solution for bespoke location-aware airport apps.
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