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Serve different airlines with the same technology?

Ground handlers need to be agile in order to serve multiple airlines simultaneously. This requires handling all airline flights and passengers using  a range of systems, starting with one flight’s arrival up through to the next flight’s departure, switching easily between airline requirements, systems and services. All this must be accomplished while providing a top-notch service cost-efficiently and protecting the airline’s brand integrity.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

Airlines outsource more than


of ground handling and this trend is increasing (IATA) .

SITA is committed to helping ground handlers serve multiple airlines. That’s one reason our passenger service solutions are IATA compliant. We  exploit the latest technologies to  streamline agent duties.

SITA offers:

  • Common use airport check-in systems that are integrated with automated boarding pass and bag tag printing, and enable interline through check-in, and weight and balance
  • Common use self-service kiosks that provide access to all airline self-service check-in applications from a single kiosk while lowering the cost of passenger processing through increased adoption of self-service booking, reservation and check-in  
  • A check-in system interface that enables multi-access communication with a variety of reservations systems
  • For smaller airports, an automated, stand-alone check-in system for low-cost and leisure carriers that can be used for multiple carriers
  • A common language graphical user interface (GUI) that enables agents to access multiple departure control host systems using consistent entries and commands (DCS)
  • GUIs for all inputs and functionality so load control agents can manage multiple airlines, flights, and departure airports simultaneously
  • A global system for mishandled bags that exchanges messages with over 450 airlines and ground handlers
  • An operational mail interface for the distribution of business critical Type B and Type X messages designed to keep costs down by paying only for services used at a predictable monthly cost

SITA facts and figures

  • 41 ground handlers are customers of SITA’s Departure Control Services
  • 160 ground handlers are customers of WorldTracer
  • Type B Messaging switches over 100 million messages every day, delivering messages anywhere in the world in no time

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