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Mobilize my workforce within the airport environment?

Employee salaries and time compensation are major cost-drivers for airport ground operators. Productivity could be improved through better management of staff schedules and allocation of duties and resources throughout the airport.

Ground handlers need solutions to enhance operations and increase staff productivity for roles covering passenger services, security, ramp, cleaning, catering, cargo, fueling and more.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

Deploying optimized planning tools can help cut labor cost by 5-25%.

SITA offers a variety of solutions to help ground handlers optimize operations with the latest cost-effective technology for more efficient planning and allocation of resources.

We can help ground handlers:

  • Bridge the gap between planning and operations, using applications that deliver: optimized planning, rostering, staff management, resource allocation, real-time situational awareness and mobile device registration
  • Implement mobile solutions that manage hardware and software across your company’s device fleet
  • Implement mobile data access solutions to handle passenger check-in and boarding using mobile devices
  • Access professional mobile radio systems delivered through new radio terminals and distributed antenna systems

SITA facts and figures

  • SITA AirportConnect check-in kiosk allows an average saving of US$2.50 per check-in
  • PassengerHandler, our common language interface, saves agents up to 2 minutes per passenger processed
  • SITA Professional  Mobile Radio (PMR) delivers up to 99.999% reliability 

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Airport handling operations

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With frequent changes to seasonal flight schedules, your handling workforce must meet the demands of operational disruptions. SITA solutions import flight schedules, manage service standards, and prepare for "what if" scenarios.
Use cases

Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)

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State-of-the-art PMR systems with up to 99.999% reliability, delivered through new, improved radio terminals and best-in-class distributed antenna systems (DAS).
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