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Increase efficiencies in border operations?

More people and goods are moving around the globe than ever before. Despite limited resources, governments must be vigilant in keeping up with increasing risks. Additionally, many economies worldwide have suffered recessions in recent years, leaving governments with less money to spend on police, customs and border security.

Existing procedures can be improved to make the best use of resources at the border. Ultimately, though, governments need to find new and smarter ways of doing more with less – without compromising security. One way to accomplish this is to give front-line staff the latest tools and technologies so they have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

The number of global air passenger journeys will grow at an annual average rate of 3.7% over the 2015–2035 period (Source: IATA 20-year Passenger Forecast)

SITA’s aim is to bring governments and the aviation industry together, to transform border security and improve the passenger experience. We have developed our business in close cooperation with border agencies around the world – we know what they need and how to provide it.

SITA offers a complete set of capabilities that help you make timely, well-informed decisions and ensure systems are available and resources deployed where and when they’re needed. Situational awareness of who, and what, is crossing your border at any given time facilitates risk-based optimization of resources.

SITA facts and figures

  • One government, with over 30 million border crossings each year, uses iBorders® to centrally manage its air border operation
  • iBorders® BorderOperations enables more than 12 governments worldwide to ensure the right resources are in the right place at the right time to manage the flow of goods and people across the border

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Reporting and analysis tools that support fast and effective decision-making, so as to optimize the utilization of available resources.
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