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Ensure travelers are who they say they are?

The use of fraudulent identities and identity documents to travel illegally and commit trans-border crime is on the rise. Meanwhile, the expansion of self-service travel procedures has resulted in a reduction of human interactions between travelers and airlines, further facilitating the use of false identity. With such increasing threats to border security, governments and border authorities need assurance that travelers are indeed who they say they are.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

By 2020, 92% of passports in circulation will be ePassports

(Source: Acuity Market Intelligence)

SITA integrates identity management across the border operation, linking passport and visa issuance with both manual and automated border control – and at all other points where traveler identities must be verified.

Biographic and biometric data from all sources are consolidated in iBorders® to ensure certainty about the true identity of each traveler, including detection of counterfeit documents and travelers claiming multiple identities. Automated matching of biometric and biographic data links each traveler back to a single physical person. This person-centric approach ensures a consistent view of traveler identities across the border operation.

Identity verification can be integrated with biometric and biographic watch-list checks and powerful risk-assessment tools to give you confidence of the identity and risk level of travelers entering your country.

SITA facts and figures

  • The iBorders® IdentityAssurance system can manage up to 20 million unique biometric identities to verify the true identity of travelers
  • An Asian government improved detection of duplicate identities by 300% by using iBorders® to centrally manage identity data across their border operation

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