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Create an agile and shared infrastructure for airlines and ground handlers?

Airports must manage an ecosystem of increasing complexity. They support multiple stakeholders that require a strong, secure and reliable communications and IT infrastructure. This infrastructure is vital not just for airport operations, but is mandatory for airline operations at the airport – and it could be a deciding factor as airlines open new routes.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

Over 70% of the top 50 airports have investment plans for cloud and geo-location technology by 2017
(Source: Airport IT Trends Survey 2014).

SITA has the connectivity solutions to bring all stakeholders and their systems together to support mission-critical applications, smooth operations, and, ultimately, an improved passenger journey.

Our airport portfolio includes:

  • A common-use passenger processing platform – allowing a smooth and easy integration of  airline operations into the airport environment, maximizing efficiencies and operational effectiveness for better passenger processing
  • Airport Management – our holistic approach of integrating data, fixed and mobile resources management, and passenger communication systems, providing the flexibility required to adapt to the rapidly changing operational constraints
  • SITA AirportHub™ connectivity platform – airlines and airport tenants can connect to their central systems and applications via a shared infrastructure for cost-effective and secure connectivity, delivered to their airport office or check in-counter quickly, able to be upgraded with minimum hassle; provides extra agility by enabling you to choose between using SITA ATI Cloud, pre-connected to 380 airports, 17,000 air transport sites and 15,000 aircraft for your applications and/or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
  • Infrastructure Management – enables your airport to optimize its investment in network and IT infrastructure, limit operating costs and generate new sources of revenue with the commercialization of value-adding services to your tenants

SITA facts and figures

  • SITA ATI Cloud is a truly global infrastructure pre-connected to 380 airports, 17,000 air transport sites and 15,000 commercial aircrafts
  • SITA is the No. 1 Airport ICT provider
  • SITATEX handles more than 800 million messages every year and connects over 20,000 users

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